The Turnip Princess - a selection of book reviews

This long-awaited English translation of Franz Xaver von Schönwerth fairy tales, which came out in 2015, had wide international coverage. These included lengthy interviews with both Erika Eichenseer and Maria Tatar, who translated the tales and is regarded as one of the world’s top fairy tale experts and translators.

The Washington Post (USA)
25 February 2015

A newly discovered trove of unknown fairy tales: ‘The Turnip Princess’

“… Here is a real treasure …”

National Public Radio (USA)
26 February 2015

It's All Charm and Wolves In 'The Turnip Princess'

“… to discover new tales is to piece together long-lost family. …”

The Literary Review (UK)
June 2015

“… Unexpected discoveries are the stuff of fairy tales: the story of The Turnip Princess’s metamorphosis from dusty manuscript to Penguin Classic is almost one in itself. …”

Huffington Post (US)
26 February 2015

10 Lesser-known fairytales that should be getting more love
— by Harvard Professor of German languages and literature, Maria Tatar

The Salon
Down and dirty fairy tales: how this rediscovered stash of darker than Grimm stories destroys our prince charming myths.

WFAE 90.7 (US radio station)
Slate magazine
2 March 2015

“…  In a newly discovered fairytale the princess yields the sword …”

The Times (UK)
23 My 2015

“…Schönwerth’s tales show how much of the strange darkness of “fairytales” are softened …”

The New York Review of Books
9 July 2015

Rescuing Wonderful Shivery Tales
— by Marina Warner, author, President of the Royal Society of Literature and Professor of English and Creative Writing at Birkbeck College, University of London.

The Brooklyn Rail (New York arts magazine)
5 March 2015

“… The excitement surrounding the so-called discovery of the tales speaks to an interest in raw, “original” fairy tales …”
“… here is material as close to an original oral source as many folk tale collectors could hope to get …”

CBC Radio (California radio station, US)
“… The Turnip Princess will uproot your ideas about fairy tales …”

Yakimaka Herald (US)

The Asymptote blog (Award-winning international translation initiative)
23 March 2015

The Stand News (Japan)

The Good Read (Online book reviews)

The British History Podcast

The Guardian, (UK, 26.12.2014)
“Forgotten Fairytales slay the Cinderella stereotype”

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