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Schönwerth in Canada – The Flying Box Theatre

“The Schönwerth tales excited me because they were oddball”
– Jesse Orr, co-founder of The Flying Box Theatre.

Canadian puppeteers, Jesse Orr and Deborah Sullivan first heard about Schönwerth’s fairy tales in an article by Harvard fairytale expert Maria Warner in the New Yorker ( magazine in 2012. They were excited. Here was the chance to work with authentic, virgin material: “We were drawn to the fact that the fairytales are direct transcriptions of oral storytelling,” says Jesse Orr. So, together with accordionist Chantale Urbain, they set up a puppet theatre dedicated to Schönwerth tales, calling it The Flying Box Theatre after the fairytale “The Flying Box”. They became the first international performers to work with Schönwerth tales.

Jesse Orr, why were you so inspired by Schönwerth?
In North America, we are totally inundated with European folklore. But it is filtered through Disney or mainstream culture, which means it is very monolithic. Yeah sure, everyone knows the story of Snow White, but that is one of five that we know. The Schönwerth tales excited me because they were oddball. I am attracted to the outsider, the underdog, the different and the unusual, and these stories spoke to me. But they were also my stories.”

What is Canada’s storytelling tradition?
It is mostly rooted in indigenous cultures and Quebecois oral traditions. But my family were white settlers. My mother’s family were all Germans, and I also have Scottish and British blood. So the Schönwerth tales felt more like my own heritage. They were my stories.

How strong is storytelling in Canada?
While I wasn’t embedded in any oral tradition growing up in mainstream Canadian culture, storytelling is an unbelievably human thing people do. So while the places where it lives in our contemporary society are diminishing, the storytelling instinct is still there though and it’s coming out in interesting, different ways.

What is your artistic approach?
We speak directly to the kids, interacting with them as we tell a story. Everything is handmade and right in front of you, so while it transports you and there is a certain element of magic in performance, it’s also, like in a lot of puppetry, very obvious how it is being performed. So the suspension of disbelief is all the more heightened by its kind of, low-tech nature. People see our performances as a lovely whimsical break from what is the usual media they consume.

Here, Jesse Orr, Deborah Sullivan and Chantale Urbain introduce themselves:
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Digital Fairy Tales

‘Digital Fairy Tales’ is yet another new way to tell some of the oldest stories.”

– Curators Leo Kuelbs and Sandra Ratkovic

Still from “The Hulzfral”, by Sarah Mock, sound by Daniela Imhoff

Curators Leo Kuelbs and Sandra Ratkovic presented “Digital Fairy Tales,” a free flowing set of visuals + sound pieces inspired by Schönwerth in 2016 and 2017. More screenings are planned. “The digital presentations of these weird and wonderful tales bring seemingly ancient archetypal contexts and references into the 21st century,” say the curators. “By creating this bridge through time, ‘Digital Fairy Tales’ reveal and enliven commonalities of the collective subconscious covering the 150-year period in question and beyond. Also, through the use of digital media, notions of storytelling are allowed to evolve, just as they have throughout history. ‘Digital Fairy Tales’ is yet another new way to tell some of the oldest stories.”

“Digital Fairytales” debuted in 2016 as a LIGHTYEAR projection on Brooklyn Bridge, New York City. Thereafter, it was screened in the historic Runtingersaal in Regensburg, Germany, in FATA MORGANA in Berlin as well as in Atelier Alen in Munich, Germany.

 “Digital Fairytales” Album One:

Still from "This Time I'll Find You," by Thomas D. Rotenberg, 2016. Sound by Damian Master.

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“Digital Fairytales” Album Two:

Still from "In The Jaws Of The Merman" by Daniela Kostova + Anna Leevia

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Leo Kuelbs has presented dozens of artistic events around the world.  Public art, luxury marketing, video art and multi-city programs are all part of Mr. Kuelbs’ internationally recognized practice. This combination of endeavors has garnered publicity in publications great (Vogue/Interview) and small (dozens of blogs in NYC and Europe).
Leo Kuelbs focuses on collaborative projects with an emphasis on conceptual infrastructure, approaching projects from multiple angles and perspectives.  He is a founding member of the collaborative arts group, 3_Search and the CEO of The Leo Kuelbs Collection.

Sandra Ratkovic was born 1980 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany and she lives and works in Berlin. She is a photographer based in Berlin, specializing  in artistic and documentary photography. She is also an art journalist and curator. She attended the imago Fotokunst School Berlin (Class of Ursula Kelm) studying photography and obtained a Master Degree in Art History at the University of Frankfurt/Main. She has curated and shown in many exhibitions, in galleries and institutions such as the Bethanien Berlin, London Art Fair, Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin and Fata Morgana Gallery in Berlin.


Album One: Rani Messias + Kinga Toth , Sarah Mock + Daniela Imhoff, Richard Jochum + Kriss Roebling, Integrated Visions + Miss Natasha Enquist, Radka Salcmannova, Thomas Rotenberg, Josh Graham

Album Two: Keegan Luttrell + Justin King, Daniela Kostova + Anna Leevia, Daniela Imhoff, Kristian Pedersen + Elke Brauweiler, Anton Marini & Danielle Ezzo, Boris Kralj + Matresanch, Michael McGuirk + Alex Hamadey



500 new fairytales discovered in Germany

Erika Eichenseer

Der Artikel "500 new fairytales discovered in Germany" in der renommierten englischen, weltweit gelesenen Zeitung "The Guardian" vom 5. März 2012 <Artikel Guardian> hat Franz Xaver von Schönwerth, das von Erika Eichenseer im Auftrag der Schönwerth-Gesellschaft  2010 herausgegebene Märchenbuch "Prinz Roßzwifl" und unsere Gesellschaft schlagartig international bekannt gemacht. Eine Flut von interessanten Anfragen und Angeboten zu Übersetzung, Publikation, Verfilmung usw. aus
USA: Washington DC, National Public Radio
England: BBC World
England: Foyles bookshops
USA: Slate Magazine
USA: Book Baby
Deutschland: Hamburger Abendblatt, Reportage
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Schweiz: Mohrbooks AG Literary Agency
Brasilien: Zeitschrift für Brasilien Abenteuer für Geschichte und Kultur
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England: The Guardian, Cloud sourcing
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Niederlande: NRC Handelsblad
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USA: Chair Harvard University, Prof. Maria Tatar
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Australien: Radio National, Books und Arts daily
Deutschland: Uni Göttingen, Prof. Regina Bendix
Deutschland: BR Studio München
Slowenien: Zarika Snoj Verbovcek
England: Storyteller Charles Kiernan, Märchen des Monats: Rübenprinzessin
England: The Economist
England: Literary Scout for Children und YA books
Estland: Tallinn Varrak Publishers
hat uns bisher erreicht.

So werden in Zukunft unerwartete neue Aufgaben auf uns zukommen, deren Umfang, urheberrechtliche Konsequenzen etc. noch gar nicht überschaubar sind, die aber mit Unterstützung des Historischen Vereins für Oberpfalz und Regensburg, des Eigentümers des Schönwerth-Nachlasses, und dem zuständigen Lehrstuhl für vergleichende Kulturwissenschaften an der Universität Regensburg gemeinsam bewältigt werden.

Zunächst freut es natürlich unsere Gesellschaft, dass Schönwerth endlich die ihm gebührende Anerkennung auch im Ausland erfährt, was sich für seine Wertschätzung auch bei seinen eigenen Landsleuten sicherlich positiv auswirken wird.

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Erstes Märchen nach Schönwerth in Latein

Dr. Sigrides Albert von der Arbeitsstelle für Neulatein an der Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, hat "Der Plauderer" aus dem Märchenbuch "Prinz Roßzwifl", S. 108, als erste in Latein übersetzt.

Erschienen in VOX LATINA, Universitas Saravica, 2013, S. 131 ff. --> Text als PDF




  • Lynne Bils-Baumann:
    The Flipped Diphthongs of Upper Palatinate German as Recorded by Franz Xaver von Schönwerth.
    Franz Steiner Verlag Stuttgart 1994 (Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik, Beihefte H. 87) ISBN 3-515-06637-3.

Neuveröffentlichung zweisprachig:



Internationales Märchen-Symposium in Dublin, Ireland

Vortrag von Erika Eichenseer:

"Franz Xaver von Schönwerth,
der Märchensammler" /
"Die Umsetzung des Märchens
Das fliegende Kästchen in Musikktheater"

Freitag, 7. und Samstag, 8. Juni 2013
School of Education, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

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Wünsche, Anträge, Briefe

  • 31. Januar / 20. März 2014
    Schönwerth-Märchen als Puppenspiel in Kanada